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Contributors Profiles

We are open to contribution from any woman who opposes submission and believe in emancipation and women’s empowerment in true sense. Following are the people who agreed to contribute to the blog on a regular basis.

Farzahan Rahman: Farzahan is an educator, a mother, a survivor of DV, a musician and women’s rights advocate.  She is one of those Bangladeshi Muslim women who overcome male oppression and honor code with tremendous inner power. Her music can be accessed here .

Mala Sarker : Mala is a business entrepreneur and an anti-racist artist. Before starting her own business in Croydon, she lived in East London for many years and worked for women asylum seekers and BAME women detainee as a translator.  She is a mother of 11 years boy, a feminist and a secularist campaigner who believe that humanity is the only religion worth believing.  Mala is passionate about women’s empowerment and refugee women’s rights. Further details can be found here.

Piya Mayenin: Piya is a solicitor, a writer, an artist and a women’s rights activist who worked with and for minority women. She has helped many women achieve settlement on the Domestic Violence route and many women achieve discretionary leave through International laws. She is a compassionate peoples’ person. Further details is here

Pushpita Gupta:  Pushpita Gupta is the convenor of Secular Bangladesh Movement, UK and a human rights activist, working to promote harmony within and beyond the community in London.

Rumana Hashem: Rumana is a transnational feminist, an environmentalist  and women’s rights campaigner working with community women in London. Trained as a political sociologist,  she is working on migration and refugee studies with a focus on gender and ethnicity. Rumana is the founder of community women’s blog. Further details on Rumana’s work experience can be found here.

Sinthia Arefin : Sinthia is a migrant art student, secularist women’s advocate and environmental activist. She is  currently undertaking MA degree in art and media studies at University of East London.