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We Stand for Equality, Secularism and Peace

About Us

Welcome to the Community Women Against Abuse Blogspot!

This blog is about women’s issues, gender equality, progress, secularism, justice and peace. This is a site where Bangladeshi/ Bengali community women will speak and report on women’s empowerment, women’s problems, women’s rights, women’s belonging and progress. The contributors to this site are all women, and the majority of us are ethnically Bengali-speaking or Bangladeshi-British women who are seen as BAME women in Britain. The blog represents a small but loud activist-women’s collective.


We are a cohort of anti-racist and anti-imperialist Bangladeshi, Bengali and British-Bangladeshi women belonging to many faiths and diverse identities. Our culture is just one – that’s transnational Bengali. We live abroad but we love our homeland and think of a world about Bangladesh and Bengali community. We believe in border-less politics, humanity, gender-equality, democracy, freedom of speech, secularism, right to work and right to think without limit.  We see peace and justice can be achieved through practicing all of the above. We are against corporate culture and fixed structures of society. We are against top-down mode of knowledge/ production.


We are against anti-semitism, colonialism, Islamophobia, institutional establishments and west-centric ideas as much as corporate politics, neo-liberalism, Islamism/Zionism/Hinduism and religious rights. We are Black and Brown women from the global south but we respect all races so long as we are respected by all. We stand for women’s empowerment but we do not undermine men’s right. That is, we stand for equality for women, men and non-binary identities. Feminism without an understanding of intersectionality of class, ethnicity, gender, race, nation and sexuality is meaningless to us.


Through this blog we seek to report on women’s situation, abuse of and violence against women. The Community Women Against Abuse Forum is committed to reveal different stories of abuse,  and take a stand based on deconstructive-feminist ideas. We recognise our heterogeneous lived experiences and the complex struggles of non-binary identities of our community women (and men).  We sought to share our work, our transnational struggles and our ways to express solidarity with greater movements and wider social groups. We aim to gather different kind of information, collective ideas against abuse, and we support collective and transnational  resistance to abuse and injustice.


Community Women Against Abuse (CWAA) Blog will, we hope, enhance the process of decolonisation of knowledge and will enable readers to see that life-narratives are never been fixed or homogeneous. Narratives of women from the post-colonial global south – especially of Muslim and Hindu backgrounds – are always complex and in process. Nobody has the right to homogenise us as just Muslim or just Hindu, neither just un-Islamic or anti-Muslim. Nobody should assume that we are all the same. Because we are never been same. The blog also highlights our work as a group against women’s abuse and gender inequality. As the Community Women Against Abuse is a small collective, we are currently managing our work through this blog. We will soon be launching an appropriate website. Stay with us if you are against women’s abuse of any form.


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  1. would nari diganta be interested in contributing to women’s history month 2016 in tower hamlet? please contact julie begum

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