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Invitation to a Fundraising Party for the film Rising Silence

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By Pushpita Gupta
You are cordially invited to a Fundraising Iftar Party on Saturday the 25th of June at our house for an urgent film to be made following the lives of 7 Birangona women.  The party is to be held at:
All welcome!
RS Artwork (2)
Birangona means ‘Brave Woman’ and this was the honorific granted to the hundreds of thousands of survivors of the campaign of rape carried out by the Pakistani Army and their local collaborators during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Please help us make Rising Silence that aspires to give a voice to the survivors of mass rape of Bangladesh in 1971, but it is not about rape – it is about the strength of women who have picked themselves up after facing brutal physical and emotional abuse. It is about their will to survive; honouring their insurmountable courage, and bringing to the forefront a crucial part of a nation’s history that has been for too long ignored, made taboo, and silenced.
The establishment of rape camps during the Liberation War of Bangladesh by the Pakistani army is a hugely sensitive issue, and unfortunately one that the world seems collectively willing to dismiss / overlook – despite the fact that over 200,000 women were systematically raped within a nine-month period. Our film is a testimonial documentary bringing to life the true stories of some of the survivors of these vile rapes and what they have had to endure since.
To know more about the making of the film please go to the link HERE.
So far we have received enormous support and well wishes from people from all walks of life. This film is truly becoming a people’s film, our film. We are the strength to bring this film into light. Please join us and lets raise some funds.
 We sincerely hope that you can come.
Warmest regards,
Pushpita Gupta



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