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Bangladeshi maids refuse to work in Saudi Arabia: 40,000 deported


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Fifty percent of the Bangladeshi housemaids who had gone to the Kingdom Saudi Aribia since the beginning of the recruitment process were sent back home for various reasons, including refusal to work. There were as many as 80,000 Bangladeshi maid servants.

Hussein Al-Harthi, proprietor of a recruitment office, told Saudi media as many as 40,000 domestic helps, which is 50 percent of the total recruited to work in the Kingdom, have been deported.  Reports Arab News7216267858292231
“The reasons for their return were refusal to work, lack of training in Bangladesh, language barrier, lack of adaptability to the Kingdom’s culture,” he said.
A number of recruitment office owners said the customer is given a period of three months to try the maid. If she is found inefficient during this period, the sponsor informs the office, returns the maid along with a notice received by the embassy that includes the reasons for disqualification. Then…

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